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keep your expectations high and continue giving your best.

while there’s so much uncertainty going on in the world,

focus on what you do know

that today is your day.
that hope exists.
that your work matters.

that you are needed.
that you are purposed.
that you are chosen to do something great in this world.

that you are favored,
that you are blessed.

keep your eyes on truth. don’t get distracted with the moving pieces around you, that are shifting around.

the process of aligning the pieces of our lives is always a little bit messy,

and that’s okay. …

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begin to be actively thankful for the things that you are believing for.

as humans — we typically practice thankfulness when something has been given to us or after we have experienced something.

however, when you are actively thankful for what you are believing for, you are stepping out in faith — claiming what you are believing for as yours.

there is miracle-working power in your faith.

when we begin living in a posture of thanksgiving, we become a magnet for the things we are believing for, wishing for, and hoping for. …

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in many ways, walking in faith is like walking a tight rope — balancing the line between reality and what you hope for.

the walk of faith was never promised to be easy, it requires strength and the ability to stay centered regardless of what is happening around you.

it requires trusting the foundation beneath you, believing that as you put one foot in front of the other — everything in the created world, seen and unseen, will fall into place just as it was intended to.

so, on the days that you feel tension between reality and what you hope for, find your center.

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YOU ARE NEEDED — don’t forget this. over and over again. you and your work matter.

too often we ask the wrong questions: we ask — “can we win?”

but, in asking “can we win?” we give ourselves permission to checkout and stop fighting for our dreams and vision.

if we truly believe in our vision,
then it’s not a matter of “will i win? or will i lose?”

instead, we ought to be asking ourselves, “am i willing to do whatever it takes to see my vision come to life?”

when you’re in the fight for a good purpose, it’s not about the whether the odds are stacked in your favor…

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stand firm in your faith, victory is coming.

it may not look like it, it may not feel like it — but nothing can stop the avalanche of Goodness.

fear will try its best to step in, and tell you that your breakthrough is never going to come; it’ll show you reality through a distorted lens — making works of fiction appear real.

so, guard your mind.

stay hungry for the breakthrough. stay determined even in the chaos and confusion.

be attentive to that still soft voice within your spirit that nudges you to keep working, believing, and fighting for your breakthrough. …

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work hard with your hands, make the most of every opportunity, and do not despise the days of small beginnings.

believe in magic. but, more than that, believe in the beauty and reward of hard work.

hard work will take you anywhere you want to go, and magic will take you all the places you never even dreamed of.

stay focused. don’t get distracted by everyone else around you.

when you grow weary of working hard, hold on to hope.

the work you are putting in today is planting seeds for your future — and, none of it will be in vain. every seed you plant will bloom in due time.

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write your vision — and keep it visibly in front of you.

allow the vision to be a part of your daily life. so, that you can run with confidence and clarity towards the things you’ve written down.

start each day reading your vision —
declaring that you are full of strength and divine energy to bring your vision to life.

when night comes, end the day, looking at the vision you’ve written down for yourself — and choose to honor the progress you made that day. …

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gonna be honest: today didn’t feel like a winning day. but, you know what? that’s okay. because, whether or not it felt like a winning day… i inched forward towards my goals and that’s what matters.

as doers, i think it’s so easy to put the pressure on ourselves to make massive steps each day and outdo what we did the day before. however, that’s not always realistic or feasible. some days, not everything gets done. some days, we move slower. some days, progress doesn’t feel like progress.

and, on those days, we have to remember to give ourselves grace and remember that just because we don’t feel like we’re winning doesn’t mean that we aren’t on our way to a mighty triumph. …

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when i started this blog, i set out on a mission to write everyday. someone asked me the other day how much content i have queued-up — my answer: nothing.

i write everyday. what i write today, i’ll publish tomorrow.

maybe one day soon i’ll start writing more to have content queued up. but for now, i want to create a place for myself that is pressure-free. i want to create a space that is unattached — to a motive or agenda and where i can be free to be me.

i’ve realized — we all need “our thing”. the thing that brings us a sense of joy and fulfillment. we spend our days working hard on projects that benefit our work, our families, our friends, our communities, or whatever else — but when it comes to carving out time to work on something we enjoy, that has no purpose other than to revive our spirits, we make excuses and come up with all the reasons why we don’t have time. …

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i read in a book recently that we (as humans, creatives, and thinkers) — ought to be taking time to write daily. and while, i write an overwhelming amount of content each day that gets read on various platforms — i feel as if i don’t write for the mere purpose of writing anymore. meaning, i don’t write aimlessly. i am always writing for something, for someone, or for some specific reason.

and i can’t help but feel that i am going to miss out on something.

let me clarify — i’m not experiencing fomo or anything like that. but it’s more of the idea of — what will happen if i never give my mind the space it needs to wander and explore? and what would happen if i do — what ideas will i come up with? …


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