50 Powerful Affirmations That Will Change your Financial Future

at a young age, my mother taught me that our words have power. she taught me that our words have the power to shape our lives and our experiences in this world and that if we have the faith and boldness to say something — we’ll see it manifest in our lives.

my mom raised me to speak what i want to see,
not just what i currently see or feel.

she taught me to speak faith through the use of affirmations — little sayings or mantras that would purify our thoughts, recenter us on faith, and align us with what we are hoping to see happen.

as a kid, every day, before dropping my older sister and me off at school, my mom would park underneath a willow tree two streets over from our elementary school and hand us a piece of paper with affirmations to recite. it didn’t matter what time it was or if we were racing against the clock to get to school — not a day went by that we missed saying our affirmations. my mom would rather us be late for school than miss a day of affirmations — that’s how much she believed in them and their importance.

my mom instilled this habit in me as a child, but it’s impacted my life as an adult. affirmations have taught me to be conscious of the words that come out of my mouth. because, whether we recognize it our not — every word we speak is either breathing life into our goals or separating us from our goals.

affirmations have helped me become confident in myself, my talent, and the belief that good things are coming for me. undoubtedly, i can say it’s had a positive impact on my journey as an entrepreneur and experiencing financial success.

as humans, it’s easy to state the obvious.

if we’re struggling, we say — “i’m struggling.”
if we’re broke, we say — “i’m so broke right now.”
if we’re drowning in debt, we say “i’ll never get out of debt.”

which, means, we have to be aware of the words that we are speaking. we cannot afford to be flippant with our words because we will experience what we speak.

it’s the laws of attraction.
your words are a magnet to the future.

so, before you speak, challenge yourself to ask:
“is this breathing life into my goals? or separating me from my goals?”

if it’s separating you from your goals,
be proactive in changing your thoughts and words.

in a recent survey, 70% of americans said that they are struggling financially. the study also shed light on the fact that 20% of women say they are stressed out about money.

maybe, you’re reading this —
and you can say “yep, that’s me. i’m part of that 70%.”

if you are, listen:

in his book, “think rich, grow rich”, napoleon hill says,

“you are the master of your destiny. you can influence, direct and control your own environment. you can make your life what you want it to be.”

if you want to make your life what you want it to be, then it’s time to do things differently. it’s time to take control — by taking control of your words first and foremost.

as you take control of your words and begin to speak what you want to see, feel, and experience — you will begin to encounter a shift in your life that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

but, it all begins with your words.

your words are the gateway to your future. if you want to experience financial freedom, abundance, prosperity, and financial increase — then start declaring it. don’t just wish for it; speak it into existence.

it may feel silly, at first, for speaking so audaciously. but, here’s the question — would you rather be audacious and find yourself manifesting the life of your dreams? or timid — and find yourself continuously stuck in the same cycles?

below are 50 affirmations that you can take and make your own. i challenge you, make them a part of your routine. as you continue to repeat them, you’ll begin to notice — they’ll shift the way you think and operate and view the world.

1. i am a wealth generator.
2. i make money faster than i can spend it.
3. every dollar that i spend is coming back to me a hundredfold.
4. i am producing wealth.
5. i am a money magnet.
6. money flows to me easily.
7. i am experiencing an unexplainable increase in my finances.
8. i am continuously attracting opportunities that are creating more money.
9. i am always finding new ways to save and increase my income.
10. i am a money maker. i am financially successful. i am wealthy.
11. i am thankful that there’s always more money to be made, and i’m just the person to make it.
12. i am profitable in all that i do — every idea i work on is securing a lucrative return.

13. i am thankful that i live in financial freedom.
14. i am financially stable.
15. i am not worried about any of my finances.
16. i am never stressed about finances.
17. i am never shy when it comes to talking about money or working hard to make it.
18. i am breaking free of every negative mentality holding me back from financial success.
19. i give myself permission to think and grow rich.
20. i release any fear or anxiety i have attached to money.
21. i am driven by purpose, not by money. my drive to accomplish my purpose is leading me to financial success.
22. i commit to living my financial dreams.
23. i release all my fears connected to money and joyfully allow wealth to freely flow into my life.

24. i am thankful that as i steward what i have well, i will be trusted with more.
25. i declare that there is divine favor over me and my finances.
26. i am in control of my finances — i am smart with how i spend, how i save, and how i invest.
27. my hands are ready to receive the financial blessings that are coming my way.
28. my money is working for me and my goals.
29. i am financially wise and creative
30. i am living on less than i make so that i can be generous with what i have and money to invest.
31. i am the master of my money. i am in control. i am not swayed by fear, lack, or greed.

32. i am wealthy. i am prosperous. i am flourishing.
33. money is gravitating towards me from all directions.
34. i receive abundance in my life.
35. nothing can stop the Goodness of Life from blessing me.
36. my finances are continually increasing.
37. i receive the goodness that life has for me.
38. i am thankful that all of my financial needs are taken care of.
39. i am thankful that my finances are improving beyond my wildest imagination.
40. i am confident that money is flowing in from every direction.
41. i am seeing a supernatural increase with my money.
42. i see a revival in my thinking — i stop agreeing with poverty mentality and adhere to the truth that abundance is available to me.
43. i always have more than enough.
44. i am not afraid to set big financial goals. if i can imagine it, i can achieve it.
45. i am thankful that the Goodness of Life is always providing for me.
46. i declare that this is going to be my best and most lucrative year financially.
47. i am seeing myself hit every financial goal i have set for myself. i am capable of anything i set my mind to.
48. i am abundantly blessed and have more than enough to be generous to others.
49. i focus on abundance and declare that i will experience divine prosperity.
50. i am a person of faith — i declare that there is no limit to the financial increase i can experience.

writer, designer, speaker✨owner of third story apt studio 💌 creator of @peptothetalk app 🌹podcast — the daring romantics | TW/IG: @lindseyeryn lindseyeryn.com

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