at a young age, my mother taught me that our words have power. she taught me that our words have the power to shape our lives and our experiences in this world and that if we have the faith and boldness to say something — we’ll see it manifest in our lives.

my mom raised me to speak what i want to see,
not just what i currently see or feel.

she taught me to speak faith through the use of affirmations — little sayings or mantras that would purify our thoughts, recenter us on faith, and align us with…

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i went to bed and woke thinking about the same thing — humanity. so, at this point, i am fairly certain that i am supposed to write about this, think about this, and at the very least process my own humanity.

in our culture, we talk a lot about “authenticity” and being your “authentic self”. but, personally, i’m not hearing much talk about being human and embracing the messiness and realness of our humanity.

when i think about authenticity — i think about being honest and true. being forthcoming, and not hiding the things that i’ve been through in order…

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loosen your grip — on worry, on doubt, on fear.

untie yourself from the repugnant emotions of disappointment.


because, the weight of these emotions are crushing you.

they’re doing nothing for you, but robbing you of peace, joy, and hope—the very elements that will fuel your faith and empower you to break past the limitations you face.

so, while it may feel unnatural to abandon the negative emotions and leave them where they are, do it.

choose to enter into a posture of surrender—not holding onto what happened in the past, but receiving the freedom that awaits you.


photo by author, lindsey eryn

there are two doors in life: fear and faith. each situation you face in life allows you to enter into one door or the other.

and, regardless of the situation,
you have the opportunity to choose faith every time.

when you choose faith, the doors of possibility will open up, and you can craft the narrative of what happens next.

so be bold, be audacious.

choose faith over fear.

you got this.

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rest isn’t any empty time slot on the calendar that’s available to be filled by another task.

it’s a sacred block of time and space that deserves to be respected and prioritized.

because, it’s in our rest that we are filled with strength, creativity, and wisdom. it’s in the pause, when we stop “doing” — that we can gain clarity for our next steps. it’s in the stillness that we are renewed, encouraged, and refreshed so that we have the capacity to continue on our journey.

so, when you feel tired — pay attention to what your spirit, mind, and…

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honest confessional moment!

a lot of times i don’t “feel” like working. i don’t feel like putting in all the effort required to expand, push my limits, or meet the often-times-seemingly-impossible goals that i have set for myself.

i think a lot of time, as dreamers, we get so excited about our dreams + goals and it hypes us up! we get motivated to work + feel inspired by the possibilities.

but, eventually — the motivation wears off + the thrill of making goals a reality fizzles out. the hype is no longer there to wake us up in the…

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as we enter into the final days of 2020, i want to encourage you to finish strong. at the beginning of this year, i felt strongly that this year was going to be a year of “fulfillment”.

at times, it’s been hard to see how fulfillment has happened in a year like this.

but, when i take a step back, i can see that even in the broken moments of 2020, there’s been goodness and fulfillment.

it may not have looked exactly like what either of us wrote down at the beginning of the year, but, if we pay attention…

photo via author, lindsey eryn

you were not meant to be small in this life.

too often, culture and circumstances stunt people from dreaming big. and, if you ask me, there’s too many people in this world that have allowed reality and circumstances to break them, leaving them too scared to dream and to be earnestly ambitious.

and, because of that — because of other’s negative encounters / experiences, or learned behaviors when it comes to dreaming — it can leave many of us feel guilty or not normal for being daring in our ambition. …

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