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begin to be actively thankful for the things that you are believing for.

as humans — we typically practice thankfulness when something has been given to us or after we have experienced something.

however, when you are actively thankful for what you are believing for, you are stepping out in faith — claiming what you are believing for as yours.

there is miracle-working power in your faith.

when we begin living in a posture of thanksgiving, we become a magnet for the things we are believing for, wishing for, and hoping for. our thankfulness produces an invisible magnetic field that brings us and our dreams together for a beautiful collision.

so, what are you believing for? what are you hoping to see happen? what are you hoping to own?

write it down.
be specific.

so instead of saying, “i am thankful for a new home” say, “i am thankful for MY new home.”

take ownership of the thing that you are thankful for — just as if it were already in your possession.

we live in a spiritual world, which means that everything is spiritual and our thoughts and words play an active role in creating our lives.

if our minds are in a constant state of doubt, we’ll, in turn, create walls around us — walls that keep the goodness and blessing of life from finding us. meaning, whether we realize it or not— we can limit the good and wild things that life has for us with our words and thoughts.

on the contrary, when we stand in a posture of thanksgiving and step out in faith — our thankfulness begins to pave the way for the Goodness of Life to bless us.

our thankfulness begins to build passageways through impossible mountains, it clears paths through rugged roads, and builds bridges that will take us from where we are to where we want to go.

so, today and everyday—
let’s choose to live a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

there’s no shortage of goodness in this world for you, friend.

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