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it takes courage to do a few things and do them well.

it’s easy to feel like in order to be worthy, seen, important, or valued, we have to pile up our to-do lists with task after task. almost as if we have to earn our keep here on this earth and prove ourselves to the people around us. and, in turn, we base our value. off our productivity — how much we’re doing or what we are creating.

but, here’s the truth:

you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. your worthiness isn’t based on how productive you are. you are enough, you are worthy — just as you are. nothing you do, say, or create can add or take away from your worth.

your worthiness exists outside achievements. regardless of how much or little you achieve — your achievements will never be able to convey how extraordinary you are and how worthy you are.

so, untangle it all — separate your worth from your productivity, achievements, and creations. stand up to the little voices in your head telling you that you’ve got to prove yourself to the rest of the world.

you are here — and your mere presence is adding to the world. take courage and be okay with doing a few things well.

in the long run, your courage to do a few things well, will give you the strength, capacity, endurance, and wisdom to make a significant impact on this world.

take courage, friend. it’s okay to cross things off and lighten your load.

you have permission.

go on, and do a few things well.

you got this.

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