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maybe it was about “becoming”

as we enter into the final days of 2020, i want to encourage you to finish strong. at the beginning of this year, i felt strongly that this year was going to be a year of “fulfillment”.

at times, it’s been hard to see how fulfillment has happened in a year like this.

but, when i take a step back, i can see that even in the broken moments of 2020, there’s been goodness and fulfillment.

it may not have looked exactly like what either of us wrote down at the beginning of the year, but, if we pay attention we can see it.

one of the definitions of “fulfillment” is —

“the meeting of a requirement or condition”
often, when we think of fulfillment,
we think that we’ve achieved something.

but, i wonder if “fulfillment” this year was less about “achieving” and more about “becoming” and meeting requirements or conditions that would prepare us to go into the next season with our head held up high, grounded in faith, armed in valor, equipped with wisdom and creativity and fortified strength — so that we could flourish in the next season.

sometimes, we have to fight to flourish.

and, for many of us, 2020 has been a fight —

a fight to keep our business.
a fight to keep our mental health.
a fight to keep our physical health.
a fight to protect our families.
a fight for our freedoms.
a fight for our relationships.
a fight for our dreams.
a fight for our peace.
a fight for everything we treasure.

this year, we’ve learned how to become warriors — in a way that no other season could have taught us. and, i am convinced, that there is purpose in the pain. this year pulled so much out of out of us, but, i’m confident — that it’s uncovered parts of ourselves that we never knew existed that will empower us to flourish in the next season.

so, maybe fulfillment didn’t come in the way we imagined it would —

but, we’ve all grown and learned how to become resilient so that no matter what comes next, we will not be broken, kicked down, or disappointed. but we’ll have learned to rise with strength and hope — so, that even when the ashes of disappointment surround us, we can spring up and thrive.

so, today — i want to encourage you to take a step back, look for the fulfillment that has happened this year.

look to see how you’ve grown and met new requirements of strength.

take a moment to honor your growth and journey.

then, continue pressing on. because, we’re not done.

this year isn’t over.

it may have been hard, but you don’t quit the marathon before it’s over — you continue running with perseverance.

so, give the final few weeks the best of you.

give it your best.

run with heart, create with passion.

knowing that what you do in these final days is setting you up for how you’ll start 2021 —

fight to flourish.

let’s make that our mantra. we got this, friends.

there’s magic on the other side of this moment.

we’re gonna experience big wins if we don’t give up.

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Lindsey Eryn Clark-Aguilar

Lindsey Eryn Clark-Aguilar

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