i sat out on the back porch last night, as the sun was going down and ed patrick was playing in the background and wrote this to myself:

“don’t let your ambition get the best of you — and run you down to the point of exhaustion before you get to the end of your journey.

with diligence and persistent faith, we’ll see every beautiful ambition we have manifest in the world

your ambition is something beautiful, it will push you and drive you to new levels of success.

you are in control.

so, while you must bring ambition along for the journey, keep it in check.

you’re allowed to pace yourself and run at a tempo that is sustainable — so, remind yourself of that often.”

i wrote this because, lately, i realize, my ambition has created a haunting exhaustion. and, if i’m being honest, my ambition has been owning and possessing me more than i own it.

as dreamers and doers, i think that this is easy — especially in the culture we live, especially in the season that we’re in.

we don’t have to rush to achieve greatness. we’re allowed to take our time and enjoy the journey — because, at the end of the day, it’s the journey we are going to remember and that will shape the stories we tell. so, let’s make sure that we’re living a story that’s middle is just as inspiring and captivating as it’s ending.

so with hope in our heart and joy rushing through every fiber of our beings — let’s continue to run forward and own our ambition.

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