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cling to the ropes of hope a little longer

remember: you are strong. stay expectant.

you are strong and courageous.

you are capable of great things.

don’t forget that.

while at times you may find yourself waiting for the fulfillment of dreams and ideas, remember: the waiting will never diminish the dream, it will only enhance it.

so, do not allow the waiting to strip you of your faith. instead, let your faith grow stronger and deeper.

remain confident that the Goodness of Life is chasing you, and it’s only a matter of time until there is a beautiful and monumental explosion of blessing.

while it’d be easy to pull back and stop reaching for more, continue to set your expectations high and reaching for the things you are believing for — you will not be disappointed.

cling to the ropes of hope a little longer.

the wait will not leave you empty.

it’s all going to happen suddenly.

wait for it.

keep the magic inside of you alive — follow @lindseyeryn, @thedaringromantics, and @peptothetalk for more daily inspo.

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