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in many ways, walking in faith is like walking a tight rope — balancing the line between reality and what you hope for.

the walk of faith was never promised to be easy, it requires strength and the ability to stay centered regardless of what is happening around you.

it requires trusting the foundation beneath you, believing that as you put one foot in front of the other — everything in the created world, seen and unseen, will fall into place just as it was intended to.

so, on the days that you feel tension between reality and what you hope for, find your center.

don’t let what you see, hear, or feel distract you — and cause you to lose focus and fall off balance.

allow your vision for the future to be your focal-point, the very thing that inspires you to continue walking the line — even when it feels difficult or uncomfortable.

remember: your vision is worth fighting for —
so, fight the good fight.

stay the course.
don’t back down from faith.

trust that the Divine is weaving together every detail of your life — and, as you walk in faith, everything will unfold in the most miraculous and breathtaking ways.

and, in the meantime, let joy work itself into you—keeping you in a strong posture for the walk ahead of you.

the future is going to unfold,
and it’s going to be beautiful.

trust that.

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