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write your vision — and keep it visibly in front of you.

allow the vision to be a part of your daily life. so, that you can run with confidence and clarity towards the things you’ve written down.

start each day reading your vision —
declaring that you are full of strength and divine energy to bring your vision to life.

when night comes, end the day, looking at the vision you’ve written down for yourself — and choose to honor the progress you made that day. then, sit in a posture of thankfulness that your hard work will pay off, and you will see the fulfillment of every dream and desire you have written down.

in the highs and lows,
cling to the vision
in the moments of celebration,
and in the aftermath of disappointment.

because without vision —
we’ll inevitably find ourselves running circles never getting anywhere.

so, run with purpose towards the future — keeping your eyes on the vision.

you got this.

#peptothetalk, pass it on.

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