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you were not meant to be small in this life.

too often, culture and circumstances stunt people from dreaming big. and, if you ask me, there’s too many people in this world that have allowed reality and circumstances to break them, leaving them too scared to dream and to be earnestly ambitious.

and, because of that — because of other’s negative encounters / experiences, or learned behaviors when it comes to dreaming — it can leave many of us feel guilty or not normal for being daring in our ambition. and as a result, it can leave us feeling like we have to apologize or hide our ambition in order to make others feel comfortable with our dreams.

but, we were not created to make others feel comfortable with small dreams.

we were created to disrupt culture, to do something grand, to invent, and to create.

just because we have been born into a culture full of people who have allowed circumstances to cripple their imagination, doesn’t mean that we — the daring romantics — have to live the same way.

you are allowed to be wildly ambitious, friends. when you let your ambition be undisturbed by realities and strive with willingness towards your goals — you’ll see the magic happen in your life.

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Lindsey Eryn Clark-Aguilar

Lindsey Eryn Clark-Aguilar

writer, designer, speaker✨owner of third story apt studio 💌 creator of @peptothetalk app 🌹podcast — the daring romantics | TW/IG: @lindseyeryn