you are needed image by author, lindsey eryn

you are needed. don’t sit on the sidelines.

YOU ARE NEEDED — don’t forget this. over and over again. you and your work matter.

too often we ask the wrong questions: we ask — “can we win?”

but, in asking “can we win?” we give ourselves permission to checkout and stop fighting for our dreams and vision.

if we truly believe in our vision,
then it’s not a matter of “will i win? or will i lose?”

instead, we ought to be asking ourselves, “am i willing to do whatever it takes to see my vision come to life?”

when you’re in the fight for a good purpose, it’s not about the whether the odds are stacked in your favor —

it’s about following your conviction and trusting that as you step out in faith and fight for your vision — the miraculous will happen, making a way where there was no way.

so, armed with faith and a spirit of valor — fight the good fight.

fight for your dream.
fight for your ideas.
fight for your future.
fight for your freedom.
fight for your purpose.

never give up.

don’t surrender to fear or doubt or intimidation. surrender only to your conviction and your belief that anything is possible.

victory is yours for the taking — so, remember why you started, dig deep within yourself, and go claim what is yours.

you got this.

#peptothetalk, pass it on.

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