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gonna be honest: today didn’t feel like a winning day. but, you know what? that’s okay. because, whether or not it felt like a winning day… i inched forward towards my goals and that’s what matters.

as doers, i think it’s so easy to put the pressure on ourselves to make massive steps each day and outdo what we did the day before. however, that’s not always realistic or feasible. some days, not everything gets done. some days, we move slower. some days, progress doesn’t feel like progress.

and, on those days, we have to remember to give ourselves grace and remember that just because we don’t feel like we’re winning doesn’t mean that we aren’t on our way to a mighty triumph.

we have to protect our vision with faith,
instead of putting pressure on it — recognizing that when we diligently show up,
we’ll inevitably end up exactly where we’re supposed to at just the right time.

and regardless of what we feel,
we have to remember that our soulful work is powerful. and, when something is powerful,
nothing can stop it from fully developing into what it was purposed for.

so, tonight, wherever you are,
whatever you’re feeling — take heart. and, know that you’re doing good job.

your work matters.
time is on your side.
and, you’re inching forward towards a mighty victory.

so, take a deep breath. let peace sink in,
and grace fill your space.

we got this. we’re gonna make it to dreams come true. :)

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